• When we set out to develop our cruelty free lip gloss we wanted to find a lip gloss component that was eco-friendly. Unfortunately there are very few options on the market. Most of the cosmetic components are made from some type of plastic. And if you think that you can just toss your old cosmeti... View Post
  • Understanding Cruelty Free vs Vegan Cosmetics

    Do you know the difference between cruelty free and vegan when buying cosmetics? If not, we are here to help you! Cruelty free claims that no animal testing was performed on their product. A cosmetic can be cruelty free but not necessarily vegan. If the product claims to be vegan then no animal p... View Post

    Girlpalooza is proud to offer cruelty free products meaning that no animal tests were done on our lip gloss. Our formula is also 100% vegan (no animal products are used in our formula). We hope that you will buy cruelty free the next time you are out shopping! View Post