• Bath & Body Products

    We are so excited to share our new bath & body products with you guys! Did you know that most of the bath bombs on the market contain fragrance? It was soooo hard for us to find a bath bomb without fragrance so we decided to create our own line! Not only are we offering bath bombs but we are ... View Post
  • The Chill Foundation...Our First Supported Charity!

    Snowboarding...what comes to mind? Flying down a hill and carving through some fresh powder? Riding through the woods or on a half-pipe pretending you are the next Chloe Kim? When I started snowboarding years ago...and I mean YEARS ago there were barely any female riders on the slopes. Snowboarde... View Post
  • The Dirty Dozen of Cosmetic Ingredients

    Ok, so you know how there is already the ‘Dirty Dozen’ for foods? Well there is also a ‘Dirty Dozen’ for cosmetic ingredients! I had no idea that this even existed until a year ago when my daughter asked about putting on some of my lip gloss. So when I found out about the Dirty Dozen I started re... View Post