• The Dirty Dozen of Cosmetic Ingredients

    Ok, so you know how there is already the ‘Dirty Dozen’ for foods? Well there is also a ‘Dirty Dozen’ for cosmetic ingredients! I had no idea that this even existed until a year ago when my daughter asked about putting on some of my lip gloss. So when I found out about the Dirty Dozen I started re... View Post
  • My Story...Girlpalooza

    Why did I start Girlpalooza? I get asked this question many times and there is a simple daughter Lola. It all started one morning after she asked me if she could put on some of my makeup. Now mind you she is only 5! Of course I told her no and that she wasn’t old enough but I started ... View Post
  • Animal Testing Alternatives

    How do we ensure that our cosmetics are safe without testing on animals? What are some animal testing alternatives? Unfortunately many of the ingredients used have already gone through animal testing. The need for testing only applies to new ingredients that cosmetic companies are wanting to use.... View Post