• The Chill Foundation...Our First Supported Charity!

    Snowboarding...what comes to mind? Flying down a hill and carving through some fresh powder? Riding through the woods or on a half-pipe pretending you are the next Chloe Kim? When I started snowboarding years ago...and I mean YEARS ago there were barely any female riders on the slopes. Snowboarde... View Post
  • Girlpalooza Updates!

    Hey guys! We have some Girlpalooza updates for you! We were recently featured in the Grand Rapids Business Journal and GR Magazine last week! See the links below! Grand Rapids Business Journal Grand Rapids Magazine You will also be able to buy Girlpalooza lip gloss in a few select boutiques here... View Post
  • The Dirty Dozen of Cosmetic Ingredients

    Ok, so you know how there is already the ‘Dirty Dozen’ for foods? Well there is also a ‘Dirty Dozen’ for cosmetic ingredients! I had no idea that this even existed until a year ago when my daughter asked about putting on some of my lip gloss. So when I found out about the Dirty Dozen I started re... View Post