Cruelty-Free Living

Right now “cruelty-free” is the latest buzz word not only in the beauty and cosmetics space but also when it comes to buying many household goods. So how do you know if you are buying a cruelty-free product? Our favorite app to use is the CRUELTY CUTTER app by Rescue + Freedom Project (formerly known as the Beagle Freedom Project). See link below. If you are against animal testing then the best way to fight back is with your wallet. Use the app the next time you are at the store. It is super easy to use!

More cosmetic companies are trying to move towards a cruelty-free model which is fantastic BUT if these companies sell their products in China then it’s a different story. China requires all products coming into their country to undergo animal testing. So if your beauty brand claims to be cruelty-free but is selling in China...then they are not entirely cruelty-free.

Girlpalooza is proud to offer cruelty-free products meaning that no animal tests were done on our lip gloss. Our formula is also 100% vegan (no animal products are used in our formula). We hope that you will buy cruelty-free the next time you are out shopping! Check us out 

Cruelty Cutter App