Animal Testing Alternatives

How do we ensure that our cosmetics are safe without testing on animals? What are some animal testing alternatives? Unfortunately, many of the ingredients used have already gone through animal testing. The need for testing only applies to new ingredients that cosmetic companies are wanting to use. However, animals do not need to be subjected to cruel testing practices. There are two alternatives to animal testing: in-vitro testing and human volunteers.

In-vitro methods simply mean that human cells are used for testing. Almost every type of human cell can now be grown in a lab. A newer in-vitro test called Corrositex is basically a synthetic skin that can be used in place of animals in order to test for skin corrosivity.

Human volunteers are another option for testing new beauty product ingredients. Most of these tests involve skin testing, which can be easily done on a human volunteer.

And again, testing only needs to be done on new ingredients. Most of the ingredients that you’ll find in your beauty products have already been tested and therefore there is no need for new testing and certainly no animal testing. Animal testing is outdated and barbaric. We would encourage you to shop for products that are cruelty-free whether buying beauty or any type of household product! There are more and more cruelty-free options out there!

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