Eco-Friendly and Sustainability in the Beauty Industry

When we set out to develop our cruelty-free lip gloss we wanted to find a lip gloss component that was eco-friendly. Unfortunately, there are very few options on the market. Most of the cosmetic components are made from some type of plastic. And if you think that you can just toss your old cosmetics in your recycling bin you are sorely mistaken. These types of plastics cannot be recycled by your local recycling company. The beauty industry is one of the leading offenders to our plastic problem. Not only are we talking about the actual cosmetic components but what about all of that packaging? YIKES!!!

Our goal here at Girlpalooza is to be as eco-friendly as possible. One of our current projects under development is a recycling program where we will gladly take any of your used Girlpalooza lip gloss tubes and recycle them properly for you! All of our shipping material consists of paper and can be easily recycled in the convenience of your own home. Moving forward we are still trying to source a more eco-friendly lip gloss component. The closest product that we found consisted of a biodegradable tube made from sugarcane.

If sustainability is important to you, then consider taking a second look at all of your beauty products. You will quickly realize that the majority are not eco-friendly!

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