The Chill Foundation...Our First Supported Charity!

Snowboarding...what comes to mind? Flying down a hill and carving through some fresh powder? Riding through the woods or on a half-pipe pretending you are the next Chloe Kim? When I started snowboarding years ago...and I mean YEARS ago there were barely any female riders on the slopes. Snowboarders were pretty much the hated bunch on the hill. Fast forward to 2019 and things have changed quite a bit! There are more girls riding and snowboarding is now an Olympic sport! So why did Girlpalooza choose The Chill Foundation as it’s first supported charity? Because we love snowboarding and more girls need to ride! #girlpower

The Chill Foundation is a positive youth development program where boardsports (snowboarding, skateboarding, paddle boarding, etc) are taught to help increase youth self-esteem and teach life skills to kids that participate in the 6-week program. For more detailed information about The Chill Foundation check out their website at

We currently do not have a Chill Foundation Chapter here in West Michigan so our goal is to bring one to the area! We would love to have a fully-funded program by 2021!

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