Our Story

Becky Vandenbroek - CEO Girlpalooza
Our story...My name is Becky Vandenbroek and I am the founder of Girlpalooza! I am also the proud mama of an amazing little girl named Lola. Why did I leave a full-time well paying job to start up a new business that I knew very little about? Well, it was because of Lola! One morning while applying my makeup she asked is she could have some lip gloss. At the time I didn’t really know much about the ingredients in my products and I was hesitant to let her try them.
I started researching more about cosmetics and ingredients only to find that they are not FDA regulated. I was also searching for a brand that evoked girl power and supported young women. I wanted a message about giving back and not one with so many sexual undertones. It also had to be cruelty free of course! I was now looking for a magical unicorn in the beauty industry...and I didn’t find it.
So I created that magical unicorn and here I am selling cruelty free vegan lip gloss that is safe for your lips! We are all things girl power and giving back!
We are also proud to be both Leaping Bunny and PETA Certified Cruelty Free! All of our lip gloss can be purchased online at www.girlpalooza.com. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @girlpalooza for all of our live stories and up to date info!